The benefits telepresence has on members of IEEE

Videoconferencing such as the meeting above introduces great benefits to the workplace, education, and even personal lives. IEEE members can use videoconferencing software to visually educate their members and society without physically being in the same place. Members and other individuals can all participate in the conference using their own web cam, thus creating the sensation that all participants… Continue reading The benefits telepresence has on members of IEEE

Adobe Spark – Enhancing Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Adobe Spark is a form of augmented reality that can be used by IEEE in many different way in order to enhance the ways that they teach members and society alike. Adobe Spark consists of four mobile applications, all perfect tools for students and teachers (or in this case – IEEE) who are looking to create and share powerful,… Continue reading Adobe Spark – Enhancing Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Intelligent Personal Assistants in Education

While surfing around to find a way that IPAs can be useful to IEEE, I came across this fantastic article giving 10 examples of how artificial intelligence assistants can aid in education – which ultimately could benefit IEEE members in their educating. To name a few, IPAs can adapt to a student’s personal needs (hint – taking personalization… Continue reading Intelligent Personal Assistants in Education

IoT in Education

By 2020, the Internet of Things will be renamed Internet of Everything (IoE). The reason for this is that virtually every device/machine/utlity that is used in everyday life will be connected to the Internet, thus changing society permanently. This includes education – as students and teachers could benefit greatly from the IoT. Students will learn… Continue reading IoT in Education