Adobe Spark – Enhancing Augmented Reality in the Classroom

2016-06-17 22_52_09-Two Guys and Some iPads.png

Adobe Spark is a form of augmented reality that can be used by IEEE in many different way in order to enhance the ways that they teach members and society alike. Adobe Spark consists of four mobile applications, all perfect tools for students and teachers (or in this case – IEEE) who are looking to create and share powerful, visual content. The Adobe Spark web app introduces a browser-based web experience for creating social media posts and graphics, web stories, and animated videos that would all aid IEEE during conference or other teaching events. There are also (3) iOS mobile apps that enable users to create social posts and graphics, web stories, and animated videos in minutes – all which would provide great benefit to IEEE by allowing them to enhance the learning experience of the end users as a whole.

Other forms of augmented reality include the new – wildly popular “Pokemon Go” game. I believe that this is the first time the world is really starting to realize the advanced technology and benefits that augmented reality can have on traditional ways of viewing TV/video/gaming. The game launched not even two weeks ago, and is already viral on the news and other social media. Although it is a form of entertainment, this game has been able to express to the world the different ways of viewing traditional content. Augmented reality such as the technology used in Pokemon Go can be used in places such as the classroom in order to enhance teachings of students, and to help keep students better focused during lessons. This not only could benefit the students, teachers, and the institution, but could also change the way that public education is being used as a whole. I believe that augmented reality will slowly begin to take over much of society’s traditional ways, and bring many benefits to life as we know it.

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