Intelligent Personal Assistants in Education


While surfing around to find a way that IPAs can be useful to IEEE, I came across this fantastic article giving 10 examples of how artificial intelligence assistants can aid in education – which ultimately could benefit IEEE members in their educating. To name a few, IPAs can adapt to a student’s personal needs (hint – taking personalization into account too!) and allow better teaching of a topic based on the tailoring of the lesson to the student. IPAs can also be used to point out to a student where they need to improve, and what topics they are excelling at. Students can even get additional help from IPA tutors if need be!

IPAs were first seen in movies, and popular figures such as “Cortona” from Halo, or even earlier, AIM’s “Smarterchild” we some of the first forms of IPAs that society had come in contact with. This technology quickly began to grow, as the benefits of said technology were becoming known. Fairly soon after the above, Apple released “Siri” who is everyone’s favorite personal assistant today. However, what is unknown to many is the vast amount of benefits that IPAs could have on education, the armed forces, and law enforcement – to name only a few. I spoke about education above, however the armed forces and law enforcement can benefit greatly in situations where top secret information needed to be looked up in a short period of time, or even to help train said professionals by giving them pointers and early warnings when danger is near. IPAs are soon going to be everywhere, and I believe that benefits can be truly extraordinary. Not only will the everyday life of an individual be much easier and efficient, society as a whole will be much safer from danger, and we will be able to accomplish things that were only dreamt of in the past.

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