Teaching through virtual reality


This article explains how a few schools have already adapted the upcoming virtual reality craze, by implementing this technology into the classroom. I think virtual reality would be a fantastic way to help IEEE members educate society of new and upcoming technology by not only informing the world of said technology (in this case, VR) but also utilizing it. Students can use VR headsets to submerse themselves in a virtual classroom without actually physically being in a classroom – I guess that would tie in a bit of telepresence too!

Virtual reality provides many benefits to not only students and the classroom, but to other who are seeking entertainment, training, or other amusement. In the classroom, virtual reality can provide a more interactive learning environment for younger students, whether it may be floating letter that aid in teaching the alphabet, or keeping students focused on the topic by actually showing Ben Franklin sail the ocean blue right in the front of the classroom. Professionals such as police officers and soldier can benefit from virtual reality through simulated training courses that places the individual in a simulated environment, where the officer/soldier can practice advanced maneuvers, sneak tactics, and other practices that would aid the individual in a life or death situation. Pilots can benefit from virtual reality but being placed in simulated courses that mimic emergency situations, and help to teach the pilots what to do in order to save the lives of everyone on board. Last but not least, virtual reality can be used to entertain society through video games, talk shows, and other televised programs that are enhanced by VR. The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to virtual reality, and it is about time that this technology makes an uprising into society, as it already has.

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